Durham District School Board (DDSB) encourages parents, guardians and community members to assist with school activities. Volunteers provide meaningful activities that enhance the school environment for all members of the school community.

The Volunteer Programs in Schools procedure regulates volunteer activities at DDSB schools. Volunteers may work under the direct or indirect supervision of a teacher currently assigned to that school with Principal approval.

Volunteer application

In order to volunteer with the DDSB, you will need to:

Volunteer of Distinction Award

We appreciate the hard work and contributions of our volunteers. Every year, each DDSB school will select one person to receive the Volunteer of Distinction Award.


To receive this award, you must:

  • Not be a staff member of the school
  • Not have received money for the work you performed
  • Have demonstrated a commitment to the school
  • Have volunteered your time or talent to further the goal of student achievement and well-being

The recipient doesn't need to be a parent or member of the School Community Council (SCC).


The school Principal and SCC Chair will solicit nominations from administrators, staff, parents and the School Community Council. They will then select one individual from the list of nominees to receive the Volunteer of Distinction Award.